Jundar's Ultimate Name Kreator.

Click the image to download.

This was a simple project I did for fun. You can use and customize this app for any random name types you can think of.
All you need to do is extract/unzip and run the program, there is no need to install it, it will run automatically. All directions and options are in the Readme file/Help file.

This was my first attempt at writing an application that is not web based. It was written in autohotkeys and is pretty basic. There are 3 different sets of files for each gender that includes a Prefix, a middle and a Suffix. These files are editable and you can add or delete any entries as you choose to limit or expand your choices of random names. Please note that on the Middle and Suffix files there are blank lines of text. This is intentional as it will randomly pick "nothing" as a middle or suffix part of a name, omitting it, giving a larger variety of combinations. The more blank lines of text there are in these files, the more chances you'll have that parameter left out when it creates the names.