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    To Apply: Please visit our forums for Recruitment Status for a continuiusly updated list of our raid core or other needs. Guild progress and other general information & expectations (guidelines and behavior) can be found here. We are a 21+ only guild with very rare exceptions.

    Forum Registration: There is an Anti-BOT text box when registering on the forums. You must register to post your application or participate in forum discussion.

    Guild Finder: If you found us with the in-game tools we would appreciate you providing the information requested from our forum application, it will allow us to respond via game mail if you are not online.
      Player's characters with §pèçï࣠symbols in the name can be hard to decipher at times. You may get no response at all from us without initiation from you on that character.

A Message from the Guild Master!

How we started:
This guild started as a tight knit group of local Colorado friends in 2005. Many of us have known one another since the early 80s. At one point we used to play paper and pencil D&D on the weekends but as we got older and started moving apart getting together to play was becoming more and more difficult on a consistent basis. World of Warcraft, for many of us, was our first MMO. This was a way that all of us could "keep the game going" whether we still live close together, in Colorado or not. Years later we are still here and still making new friends while continuing to play with old ones.

Guild Goals:
We are a 21 and over guild. We lightly recruit when there is a need. While your ability to play the game is very important if you're joining for the progression content, it isn't always a requirement just to join. We look for personality types that fit our culture.
We are not an elite guild, and our progression is slow paced, however, we do our best to participate in current content while it is relevant.

We continue to be a social community with 10m raiding events and other events when players schedule them. We're in need of more players to provide a bit more Class/Role variety, help fill the roster through out various times of the day to keep each other company, to participate in Cataclysm Guild achievements and keep a decent pace in leveling the guild itself. We run 5 man heroics through out the week. Dedicated Guild nights for tougher events (usually Raid nights) are generally on Fridays, though everyone is encouraged to do what they can regardless of the day.

We are Alt friendly, Family friendly, Friend friendly. Real Life (work/family) always comes first. We understand if you have to stop playing as real life and family is ultimately more important than playing a game. If you did plan attendance to a guild event, please consider the others that you're playing with and do what you can to notify your group if you will not be able to make it. Outside of these exceptions, we still expect people to treat each other with respect, bring their best skill possible, and be patient with newer players.

Guild Provided Communication:

  • Mumble voice server for raiding and general socializing while playing.
    • (Mumble is a higher quality, cheaper and open source alternative to Ventrilo.)
  • Forums for archived data, Q & A, Event scheduling, and other out of game communication.
  • Web Based Chatroom is also available for IM style chatroom socialization for members that may not be able to play WoW but have access to the internet.
  • WoWarmory & In-Game Calendar for Event scheduling and signups (often used along with the forums).